Project partner

ISPRAis project coordinator, together with 5 associated partners, 3 public bodies and 2 private partners.

Forestry Corps of Environmental Surveillance of the Sardinia Region is a technical corps with police functions in charge of safeguarding the natural environment, established by regional law no. 26 of 5 November 1985. It covers tasks of surveillance, prevention and repression of illegal behavior and activities in the field of hunting, fishing in inland and maritime waters, controlled use of fire, fires; it also carries out forestry and river police functions, as well as hydraulic appurtenances and the protection of cultural heritage.

Asinara National Park is a protected natural area established by decree of 28 November 1997. It is located in Northern Sardinia, in the province of Sassari. The entire territory of the National Park is represented by the Asinara Island and it administratively belongs to the municipality of Porto Torres. The Park Authority also manages a 108 km Marine Protected Area2 which extends around the island of Asinara. Thanks to environmental education programs involving active fishermen within the WAP and a long-standing monitoring program, the Park has established a collaborative relationship with local authorities and fishing communities.

MCM Coop Production Work Consortium, Associated Beneficiary, Private Entity operates in logistics and cleaning services (loading and transport of special hazardous / non-hazardous waste) and in the management of waste collection centers. It is made up of 8 associated cooperatives operating throughout Sardinia, guaranteeing a variety of services offered to public and private customers. It will carry out the collection, disposal and recycling of ADLFG by promoting the involvement of specialized companies.

AGRIS, Associated Beneficiary, Public Body, is the Agency of the Sardinia Region for scientific research, experimentation, technological innovation, including the development and sustainability of the fishing sector, with close relationships with the fishermen of the project area. It deals with the active involvement of marine users of the main fisheries departments, definition of administrative and regulatory measures to prevent and contrast negative interactions with species and Habitats, monitoring the involvement and participation of fishermen.

Petra Heritage Corsica: is a cooperative that promotes and assists entrepreneurship by contributing to territorial cohesion, and is recognized as a training center. The Maritima department aims at the enhancement and conservation of the maritime heritage, such as assisting fishermen to develop complementary activities and to support the diversification of traditional activities, such as fishing tourism.